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It’s high time to explore early orthodontic treatment. Have you experienced children complaining about mouth ulcers? Is there a change in the way an once bubbly and smiling child interacts with others? These could both be indications that a child is in need of early

The Australian Dental Association Australian Dental Association (ADA) President Dr Scott Davis welcomes the Grattan Institute’s report, Sickly sweet, which reiterates the ADA’s call for the introduction of a levy on sugary drinks. “Australia must implement a tax on sugary drinks to not only curb the country’s obesity

Osaka University Researchers have found that gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce so-called ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouths of patients with type 2 diabetes. Notably, this reduction in bacteria was accompanied by improved blood-sugar control in some patients. Given that the oral diseases caused


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Perfect Practice celebrates two decades of excellence in dental practice design and construction. By Danny Chan It is said that a leader’s most important role is to set the culture of the organisation. As Perfect Practice marks its 20th anniversary as a leading specialist healthcare


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