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Australasian Dentist

Australasian Dentist stands as Australia’s premier magazine catering to dental professionals, covering business, clinical insights, and lifestyle topics with unparalleled expertise.

Since its inception in 2002, our publication has been committed to delivering comprehensive coverage of dental issues with a fresh and dynamic perspective on the field of dentistry. We strive to uphold the highest standards of dental practice through our clinical segment, while also fostering an environment of innovation and excellence in dental business practices.

Published bi-monthly, with five issues per year starting in late February, Australasian Dentist has established itself as the foremost authority in the dental community, boasting the highest circulation and readership figures in the industry, as verified by the CAB audit, with a circulation of 12,835 and a trajectory of continued growth.

Australasian Dentist Online

For over a decade, the Australasian Dentist online email marketing campaigns have set the gold standard in the dental industry, evolving into an indispensable resource for professionals.

Now in its thirteenth year, these campaigns have solidified their reputation as a highly effective and valued service, consistently yielding significant results for users. With a reach extending to approximately 10,000 dentists, this premium online service has become a cornerstone of the industry’s marketing landscape.

Widely embraced by dental professionals, it serves as a platform for introducing new products, announcing launches, offering regular specials, and promoting special interest seminars. Its consistent presence has integrated seamlessly into the marketing strategies of dental industry players, serving as a vital channel for engaging with dental professionals.

With multiple sends every week, our database remains dynamically updated with each campaign deployment. For marketers aiming to establish regular and impactful communication with dentists, the Australasian Dentist email marketing campaigns stand as an essential tool for promotion and engagement.

Implant Dentistry

Entering its seventh year, Implant Dentistry Today has solidified its position as an invaluable resource within the Australian dental implant sector, garnering enthusiastic support from dentists and industry professionals alike.

A collaborative effort between Australasian Dentist and FMC, a leading international dental publisher, Implant Dentistry Today reaches audiences across Australia and New Zealand, earning distinction as a respected syndicated publication with a global readership.

Renowned for its excellence, Implant Dentistry Today serves as a premier journal for general practitioners, offering practical clinical insights, educational resources, and business guidance tailored to dentists engaged in or aspiring to venture into implant surgery.

Published biannually in May and September, Implant Dentistry Today consistently delivers quality clinical content, meticulously reviewed by members of the FMC Editorial Board to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Australasian Dentist Direct

Benefit from Dentistry’s most extensive and meticulously maintained database by leveraging Australasian Dentist Direct to disseminate your brochures and product catalogs directly to dental professionals. With an audited circulation of 12,835, our reach surpasses all others in the dental industry.

We conduct over 20 separate mailouts annually, ensuring that our database remains the most current and accurate in the field. By partnering with Australia Post and our nation’s largest mailing house, we secure the best postal rates for your materials.

In addition to offering the broadest coverage, we guarantee competitive pricing and convenience by facilitating printing services, making Australasian Dentist Direct the most cost-effective and comprehensive direct mailing solution available.

Tailor your distribution to suit your needs—whether it’s reaching our entire database, targeting one dentist per surgery, segmenting by state, or even narrowing down by postcode, we offer flexible options to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

Clear Idea

Clear Idea serves as the biannual publication of the Australasian Clear Aligner Society (ACAS), designed to foster a sense of community and facilitate learning among its members. Featuring insightful articles, impartial product reviews, and updates on society news and events, Clear Idea magazine is dedicated to enriching the experience of its readers.

In a bid to expand its reach and enhance engagement within the dental profession, Clear Idea has forged a partnership with Australasian Dentist, ensuring that the biannual society magazine meets the highest publishing standards.

Distributed in both hard copy and digital formats to all members, Clear Idea prioritizes clear aligner education, informative articles, and comprehensive product reviews. Moreover, its digital version extends its reach to a broader audience within the dental community.

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