Our People

amos lang

Amos Lang

Managing Editor

B.A. (Writing Majors)

Editor and journalist for over 35 years. Founding Editor & Publisher.

dr michael stubbs

Dr Michael Stubbs

Clinical Editor

Michael holds the position of Associate Professor in Oral Medicine at Latrobe University (Rural School) and works in private practice as a Specialist in Oral Medicine.

Michael lectures to the profession nationally and internationally and is involved in several innovative product developments to help treat patients with sleep apnoea, snoring and temporomandibular disorders.

dr geoff hall

Dr Geoff Hall

Clinical Editor

Dr Hall is a specialist orthodontist who spends much of his time teaching general dentists in the area of orthodontics, both nationally and internationally. 

Founder and Director of Complete Aligner Planning Service (C.A.P.S ).

danny chan

Danny Chan

Contributing Writer

Danny is the former editor of Dental Asia, the premier journal for Asia’s dental trade and profession and a CAB-audited publication that serves the dental profession and trade across the Asia Pacific region. He founded the The River Tree, a multimedia company based in Melbourne that provides quality content and digital marketing services to dental professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

jade richardson

Jade Richardson

Contributing Writer

Jade Richardson is a career writer, investigative journalist and long time columnist and features writer with us.

She holds qualifications in law, journalism and psychology, and has completed extensive field work for her column here, Reality Bites, in medical, cultural and social change research.

She is at large between Bali, the Amazon and Australia, and has extremely lovely teeth.

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