implant marathon

Implant Marathon

Hands-On Implant Training for Asia-Pacific Dentists

Continuing education in dental implantology has traditionally focused on theoretical aspects, making it difficult for general dentists to gain enough experience (and confidence!) to add implant placement to their practice. In 2003, TCP’s team of international maxillofacial surgeons partnered with local universities and clinics to offer the now longest-running, live implant course: TCP IMPLANT MARATHON. The Implant Marathon offers an engaging 5 day curriculum specializing in hands-on training in two course locations: Phnom Penh, Cambodia and São Paulo, Brazil with 8 sessions organized per year.

In the last 20 years, 40,000 patients have been treated by TCP Implant Marathon attending doctors, resulting in more than 125,000 implants placed across multiple course locations. More than 3,500 dental professionals have gained confidence in implantology with the TCP Implant Marathon.

The TCP Implant Marathon offers 2 levels of training based on practitioner experience and skills.

  • Level 1: Implant Placement (30 Implants Guaranteed) with a wide selection of cases, ranging from easy to moderately-difficult.
  • Level 2: Advanced Surgery (Sinus Lifts & Grafting) with 5-7 advanced cases performed under supervision.

TCP invites you to join a 2024 session in Cambodia and gain confidence in implantology with real hands-on courses! Course Dates: June 10-14, September 9-13, December 2-6. 2025 Dates Coming Soon! |

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