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The Cusp Collective

Dr Tiffany Chen established The Cusp Collective to empower and inspire women in dentistry through awareness, enhancing leadership skills, and meaningful connections. This is an initiative Tiffany is deeply passionate about. Having been acutely aware of the challenges women face in a deeply patriarchal society, it wasn’t until she started postgraduate training with a 3-month-old new born that she felt compelled to take action.

“The darker times can make you feel incredibly alone in your experience. No matter that you have familial support, no matter that your logic tells you of course there are people who have been there,” says Dr Chen as she reflects on the first year of her specialist training program with a new baby.

“In those times, you need to hear from people who have been through almost the exact same situation. You need them to say: `Hey you’re doing great, you’re not incompetent. You’re not alone in your challenges and successes. We see you, we hear you, we celebrate you.’”

Attributes seen as ‘feminine’ are undervalued. Studies repeatedly show that gender biases are well hidden in modern society, especially in health professions and in professions with an increasing proportion of women. Leadership roles largely remain with men. Added to this baseline, dentistry is a profession that can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Our mental and physical wellbeing are closely intertwined with each other, and with our work and personal lives.

Women need to be appropriately supported to thrive at work and at home. Too often business and leadership talks do not consider, nor have a profound understanding of, the female experience. Instead of adapting to a world of male leaders, The Cusp Collective wants to inspire curiosity and wonder of all the possibilities, and to hold space for women to flourish and succeed in the ways that matter to them.

The first step to realizing this vision is the inaugural conference taking place at Sofitel Gold Coast this May 11 & 12. Register to join this community of fabulous dental women. or phone 0432 862 756

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