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Put your trust in the cloud with Dentally from Henry Schein One

We know that your patients are your top priority, that’s why a key consideration of course for any dental practice owner is ensuring the security of their sensitive patient records.

With Dentally’s cloud-enabled dental practice software from Henry Schein One, we not only fully encrypt your information within our platform; we also ensure that your users are logging in securely using our privacy features to give you complete peace of mind. From patient communications through to reporting, treatment planning, payments and appointment follow-ups you can do it all easily and safely from anywhere with Dentally.

If you want to manage your practice more effectively you’ll want to try Dentally. Let’s break it down…

Platform security

Did you know thatusing cloud-based software to store data is more secure than hosting your sensitive patient files on a local computer, laptop or server in a store cupboard?

Dentally has been built with security at its core, backed by robust policies, the latest cloud tech and controls that strengthen the security of your data and protect against potential threats or data breaches – so you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.

Data loss is also a thing of the past. With Dentally, back-ups are simple and quick, and they’re performed by us in the background throughout the day without any interruption to the workflow of the practice. Replicated data is stored in multiple secure locations, preventing physical data loss and ensuring compliance with all regulatory data protection protocols. No restarts, no downtime and absolutely no hassle. It really is that simple!

User security

Our cloud-based software for dentists lets you work closely and flexibility with your team from anywhere, without compromising on security. Take a look at just a few of our features:

  • Two factor authentication – The double security of a password and a second method of identifying the user makes user login more secure by ensuring your software is only accessed by the people that should be using it.
  • IP restrictions – Users accessing Dentally away from the practice, such as from their home or from another site, can be restricted to a list of specific locations set by IP address. This means your team can only ever login from the safe list of locations that you control.
  • Time restrictions – If you wish to restrict some users from accessing Dentally outside of their working hours, users can also have time restrictions set.

Visit to find out why Dentally is trusted by thousands of dentists worldwide, and look at how you can safeguard your data, stay connected to patients and run your business more effectively.

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