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Never Lose a Teeth Whitening Patient Again

In the realm of dental care, retaining patients is just as crucial as attracting new ones. Particularly when it comes to teeth whitening services, a treatment in high demand, identifying those patients who truly value their smiles and ensuring their continual return can significantly impact your practice’s success. Today, I wish to share six fundamental steps from Joey Coleman’s book, ‘Never Lose a Customer Again.’ This guide underscores the importance of the initial 100 days in the customer journey. By following these steps, you can foster satisfaction and loyalty among your teeth whitening patients, encouraging their continued service of your practice.

The current situation of teeth whitening in Australian dental practices

Every time I launch a training session with our esteemed dental colleagues and their respective teams, I pose this query.

“Who should be entrusted with teeth whitening products or services?” Invariably, the response echoes universally: “Dental Practices.”

Next, I invite the dental practice to contemplate, “On a monthly average, how many whitening cases do you initiate or manage?” Having spearheaded over 600 whitening training sessions, participated in countless strategy meetings, and engaged in thousands of discovery calls, the typical figure unfortunately hovers around 3-5 cases monthly.

Of course, it’s important to note that while there are dental practices executing hundreds of whitening cases annually, they are more the exception than the rule.

The demand for teeth whitening is huge, it is a multi-million dollar industry in Australia, and it is one that is set to double over the next five years! A conservative estimate, based on ADA reports, indicates that at least 20% of Australian adults harbour a desire for whiter teeth.

Consider the potential

If your practice undertakes 50 adult patients’ dental exams or check-ups weekly, aged between 18-55 years, you stand to perform over 400 whitening treatments yearly, aligned with the typical ‘whitening’ demographic. Ignoring this possibility corresponds to a financial shortfall of approximately $192,000.

Many of these patients seek teeth whitening due to emotional discomfort (perhaps they’re self-conscious about their smile) or an upcoming significant life event. What’s the goal? To enhance their attractiveness, boost their confidence, and elevate their self-esteem.

However, a recent ADA survey illustrates a disconcerting reality: less than a third of these patients will seek their dentist’s guidance.

Instead, they venture elsewhere, frequently turning to salons, spas, hairdressers, supermarkets, online portals, pharmacies, or non-dental professionals. This puts their oral health at risk, and they can waste money on gimmicks and gadgets that don’t work. This trend signifies a massive financial loss for the dental industry – a grave error!

Compared to our counterparts in the UK or the US, Australian dental professionals often grapple with discussing cosmetic alternatives. It’s perceived as ‘selling’ and can potentially lead to discomfort. Yet, we can agree that while these feelings might exist, they do not necessarily reflect the reality of the situation.

But what if we could approach this differently?

Envisage a revolutionary approach that transforms the Australian dental industry. A method requiring less than 60 seconds during every dental examination can distinguish adults dissatisfied with their tooth colour (20%) from those who are content (80%).

This strategy does not even require the mention of ‘teeth whitening.’ It only initiates when the patient inquires, “How can you help me?” – thereby providing consent to discuss teeth whitening.

Wouldn’t that constitute a significant shift?

The practices I collaborate with have witnessed their whitening numbers double simply by adopting a consistent and tested methodology that works. Once these patients are identified, we proceed with the Six Essential Steps to ensure we never lose a teeth-whitening patient again.

1. Offer a world-class teeth whitening service:
Your patients’ journey begins with the service they receive. Adhere strictly to precise whitening clinical protocols, ensuring exceptional teeth whitening service and effective patient outcomes. This approach will provide excellent results and enhance your brand reputation and patient satisfaction.

2. Luxurious product offering:
A luxurious product offering will prolong the premium experience. Take-home kits
with top-quality teeth whitening products in sophisticated packaging can leave a lasting impression, showing your commitment to their dental health.

3. Exceptional customer service:
Customer service, from the reception staff to the dental chair, should be impeccable. Professional, friendly team and clean, comfortable facilities will ensure patients have a positive experience at every step.

4. Combatting buyer’s remorse:
Buyer’s remorse can set in during the days following a purchase; a cosmetic dental treatment is no different. Alleviate doubts by providing clear after care instructions, answering questions, and highlighting the long-term benefits and the ‘real’ results of the teeth whitening treatment.

5. Consistent communication and personalised follow-up:
Personalised follow-ups can make patients feel valued. Make a friendly call on day 6 to check in on their
whitening progress and a review appointment on day20 to ensure expectations are met. Automated email or SMS services can maintain this communication consistently.

6. Rewarding loyalty program and exclusive offers:
Show appreciation through loyalty programs and exclusive offers. A points system, discounts on future services, or a free whitening top-up at their visit can motivate patients to return.

By implementing these six steps, your practice can create a patient journey that keeps teeth whitening patients returning and referring others to your services. It’s about creating an exceptional experience beyond immediate treatment and truly values each patient’s satisfaction and loyalty.

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to further improve your dental practice! Transform your team into a world-class whitening service and boost your revenue by over $100,000+. Seize this moment – click here now, or email  stephen@thewhiteningproject.com.au , or call Stephen direct on 0416 629 015. Take the leap towards excellence today!

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