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Dürr adds remote autoclave monitoring

Dürr Dental has released its new VistaSoft Monitor software which adds full remote live device monitoring, report backup and maintenance management to its recently released Hygoclave 50 steriliser.

A-dec Product Manager, Dr Wee Teo said Dürr’s VistaSoft monitoring system links with practice management and traceability software* and also enables remote diagnostics of cycle records and machine parameters.

dr wee tao
Dr Wee Teo

He said by using Dürr’s VistaSoft Monitor users can now:

• Receive real-time alerts and pre-warnings of their device

• Track the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and inspection schedule

• Access manuals and product documentation online

• Automatically back up their sterilisation cycle reports to their practice PC.

For added convenience, VistaSoft monitoring includes routine maintenance alerts and off-site fault-finding by Dürr trained service technicians which Dr Teo says has the ability to speed up service calls.

hydroclave 50 (1)
Dürr Dental – Hyrdoclave 50

This includes prompts for routine maintenance tasks such as conducting vacuum tests, filter replacements and other maintenance actions (which are in addition to Hygoclave’s inbuilt water quality monitoring alerts).

“VistaSoft allows the autoclave to be interrogated remotely for diagnostic or training purposes and any service or replacement parts can be ordered ahead of a scheduled or unscheduled service call to reduce any downtime,” Dr Teo said.

“This is expected to be a popular feature in Australia given the wide geographic spread of dental clinics, including those that might not be close to an authorised service centre.”

The VistaSoft Monitor software is exclusive to the flagship Hygoclave 50 steriliser and is available free of charge to Hygoclave 50 users.

vistasoft software
VistaSoft Monitor

Dr Teo said these advanced features, together with the Hygoclave’s outstanding reliability, user friendliness and its thoughtful modular design which simplifies servicing, makes the Hygoclave 50 ideally suited to the Australian marketplace.

*NOTE Due to regulatory reasons, the parameters for sterilisation will still need to be set directly on the device’s screen and not through VistaSoft Monitor. This supports individual practice’s traceability protocols and ADA Infection Control Guidelines.

For more information contact A-dec 1800 225 010.

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