You’re not one of those dentists … are you?

By David Coggins Bsc. Physiotherapy, GradDip. Financial Planning, Financial Planner

You’re not one of those dentists who preaches regular dental checkups yet disregards and overlooks your own – and your family’s – dental health? Surely not! But it’s worth asking the question. Just an assurance that you’re doing the right thing! While we’re at it let’s get some perspective and ask and answer a few more relevant questions:

What’s the first law of physics?

An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

 What’s the first law of nature?

The first law of nature is self-preservation.

What’s the first principle of medicine?

Do no harm.

What’s the first principle of dentistry?

Have regular dental checkups.

Are we on the same page so far?
What’s the first principle of insurance?

To provide a certain level of security and solidarity to the insured person’s life!

It’s a prescient time to come back to the first question: You’re not one of those dentists, are you? The sort that owns and runs a busy multi-million dollar dental practice, or working towards owning a dental practice, but are too busy to consider life insurance, or you find the issue of life insurance inconvenient?

Because without this last principle, and if some injury or harm comes your way, the other laws and principles of nature and life are of little importance – in fact they can work against you.

As a professional you cannot avoid these messy yet necessary issues. We have a duty to our loved ones to take out the appropriate level of cover to ensure their ongoing prosperity with which we/they have become accustomed to.

So to continue our lists …

There are four key pillars of a financial protection package.

  • Life cover.
  • Total and permanent disability cover.
  • Trauma cover – in case you are in the 68% of Australian’s that before the age of 65 will suffer from one of 128 illnesses deemed ‘traumatic’, think cancer, heart, stroke!
  • Income protection cover. We are not only financial planners but medical professionals as well.

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