Rapid Clear is here – The aligner kit that comes bearing gifts

NAOL have been supplying orthodontic consumables (brackets & wires) for over 25 years. NAOL now announces the launch of a Clear Aligner option to their range of services.

Called Rapid Clear, CEO Vanessa Street saw the growing need to have this type of product available to service and ever evolving demand in an increasingly digitised industry environment.

Rapid Clear is here – The aligner kit that comes bearing gifts »

“Our product is a quality one and it ticks all the boxes, we have online case submission, app based treatment plan delivery, rapid turnaround, exceptional patient satisfaction and a very competitive price,” Ms Street said.

“We’re not trying to be the biggest player in the market, just the best, we will back up and support our clear aligner providers with the same knowledge based personal support that we do and have always done with all our products. We know how it’s easy to get lost or forgotten these days in the growing cyber business environment. It is now and always has been important to me that when there is an issue or a question, you can easily access and actually interact with a human that will deal with that issue or answer that question,” she added.

NAOL advises that all unlimited Clear Aligner Treatment Kits will now include The Truelight Orthodontic Accelerator at no additional cost. This quality device retails for almost $400 and there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that when used as prescribed they significantly reduce treatment times for clear aligner patients.

For information about Rapid Clear or to submit a case, call 1300ORDERZ (1300 673 379) or go to www.naol.com

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