Dentistry – the economics of time

The economic and clinical benefits of dental prescribing and dispensing in your practice.

Real cost of an interaction or purchase includes all the activities leading up to the point of the exchange and the activities directly related to that moment as a consequence of the exchange. The real cost of dentistry is not just the price of the dental visit or the product you provide. So improving the dental experience includes improving what happens up to sitting in the chair, the actual clinical care and what happens after the visit. A simple example of improving the value you offer is just adding prescribing and dispensing in the dental practice. Improving the patient experience by ensuring the correct medication is taken at the correct time and is easy to do for your patient and the practice improves care outcomes – it is that simple. Value is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Patients come to you to avoid or relieve pain and fix their dental concerns, use all the tools available to you. Start prescribing and dispensing today. You are rewarded for the value you bring, not the time you spend Adding value often increase your average hourly rate the income of a practice is merely the time you have multiplied by your average hourly rate. So improving the experience for the patient also can improve your bottom line. As an example a dentist that provides say just two scripts a day, say one analgesic like Maxigesic and an amoxicillin over say the 15 patients they see for just 45 weeks per year could add up to $10,000 additional profit to their practice per dentist using the basic 927 item number and feeing a set $29.95 for the advice, prescription and dispensing services. Basically you can benefit commercially while improving the care of your patients. Saving time An appointment missed is one never recouped – every minute of your clinical time is valuable… Your time is too important to have a patient not take their antibiotics, not have their correct pain relief pre and post clinical activity. Staff’s time is too important to fix problems that arise from an emergency patient that could be managed on the spot with the right solutions. The patient’s time is better spent getting the right advice and medication from you than having to make a separate visit to a pharmacy that they may not do or not get exactly what your want them to have. Adding this simple program of prescribing and dispensing in your practice puts you in control and saves you time. Prescribing and dispensing in your practice improves treatment control and productivity, improves patient care and improve patient convenience and medication compliance. Adding these services reduces cost to practice and patient and adds significant value. Ingenuity Dental provides a complete Prescribing and Dispensing Guide with your first order. Start prescribing and dispensing today! It is a new service you can do today, use the item number 927 and have a go, it’s really simple. We have developed a simple Web page to assist you with this new service in your practice. We provide downloadable order forms and we will give you a comprehensive How to Guide FREE with your first order. Follow the steps to ensure you implement it in a no-fuss way We have provided all the tips and guidelines in plain English There is no need to keep the forms as the site is set up to easily download your requirements – so keep in your favourites. We love to share in our practice and help other practices. If you have any questions go to the site and drop us a line.