When Brisbane dentist, Dr Erik Fung planned a new dental practice, he wanted a surgery that was both stylish and practical.

By taking advantage of the many practical benefits of A-dec “Preference™” pre-manufactured cabinetry, Dr Fung was able to simplify the design process, reduce build time and enhance the productivity of his dental surgery.

The result is Aperture Dental at Sunnybank Hills, which reflects Dr Fung’s passion and considerable talent in photography and eye for design. This is manifested in the practice’s clever logo comprising the blades of a camera aperture in the shape of a tooth.

“My main design consideration was to make my workflow efficient and use fourhanded dentistry as much as possible. This meant I needed more table space on the assistant’s side. The movable A-dec 545 round table attached to the cabinet helped a lot with that.

“The suction is also separate from the dental chair, which allows nurse to sit closer to dentist/patient. The suction and triplex tips attached to the round assistant’s round work table also reduces the clutter of the dental chair.”

“Also, because the rear of the surgery is an A-dec double-sided cabinet and not a solid wall, the surgery has two entrances, one for the patient, and one for the assistant. This frees up room and gives the feeling of a larger space in the room.

“The assistant can come in and out on her side, and is not stuck in the corner, which makes it so easy to move around if she needs to, compared to normal surgeries.”

Dr Fung also explained that the A-dec cabinet’s “pass–through” top cupboards allowed for the retrieval of trays from both outside and from within the surgery as well. “The assistants love the two way access to the instruments in the cupboard.”

The A-dec cabinet also has a mount for a monitor. That way the monitor can be moved, and is not on the desk itself – freeing space on the bench top.


Another feature of the surgery is the A-dec LED operatory light, which is mounted on the wall and not on the chair – which leaves the chair uncluttered with easier access.

The LED light has a unique ‘cure safe’ mode for working with composites to prolong drying time, and adjustable daylight quality light and greatly reduced shadowing thanks to the ‘operating theatre’ style lighting multi-lamp design.

In addition to the many practical benefits, Dr Fung said the A-dec Preference cabinetry was well-built and very durable and also enhanced the overall surgery aesthetics. Because of the A-dec design with dual rear access and ideal spacing between the cabinetry, dental chair, assistant’s instruments and work surface, Dr Fung said he didn’t even have to think about the surgery design layout as it was already done for him.

“The cabinetry is very high quality and compact, so it fitted my design well. It looks good and the white colour of the cabinets worked with the colours of my surgery (as does the blue A-dec chair upholstery).”

With the help of RJ Dental, Dr Fung was also able to configure a patient chair and delivery system that was perfect for his needs, with outstanding ergonomics and infection control benefits.

The A-dec 500 ‘continental style’ delivery system allows for both left and right-handed operation, and because of its position over the patient, avoids unnecessary twisting and bending to pick up or put down an instrument compared to traditional delivery heads.

Because it does not hang down, the tubing is not in the way of the patient when accessing the chair and if a handpiece or expensive camera was accidentally dropped it would not fall to the floor as it is supported by overhead whip arms on the control head.

Instruments can be retrieved and placed back on the control head without looking up from the oral cavity and the control head itself is very easy to wipe over for infection control compared to other systems.

“Also, the delivery unit can go over the patient to the other side when finished with treatment. That way the assistant can tidy up while I’m having a discussion with the patient in the chair, without the assistant having to come to the dentist’s side.”

Dr Fung decided against a spittoon bowl for better hygiene and reduced cleaning. “If you have a spittoon on a chair patients usually spit outside the bowl (especially if they are numbed up).

We get the patient to spit into the slow speed suction. If they still want to spit, we let them use a plastic cup.” Even the practice’s patients have noticed the attractive Cyan blue A-dec 500 chair and have commented that it is a very modern and very comfortable dental chair.

“My advice to dentists is to ddefinitely get the A-dec 500 dental chair – best chair I’ve used and will definitely get another one,” Dr Fung said. u

You can design your own surgery using the A-dec ‘Inspire Me’ web based design tool available online at: a-dec-inspire-me.com or phone toll free on 1800 225 010 to view A-dec Preference cabinetry at your nearest authorised A-dec dealer or showroom.