Practice refurbishment and rebranding can be a make or break decision for dentists. How do you know if you are making the right decision? Where are the precedents for what works and what doesn’t? And how do you build a stronger client base whilst undergoing a substantial image change?

Here, two dental practices on different sides of Australia talk about their experiences of working with Dental Corporation for their refurbishment and rebranding needs.

Ambience Dental with Pearman and Saad, Wollongong, NSW

Having serviced the Illawarra region for two generations, the team at Ambience Dental with Pearman and Saad (formally Pearman and Saad Dental) knew it was time for a change. Aside from needing bigger premises, the 35 year old practice was also in need of a total rebrand and refurbishment, including a fresh approach to patient communications and marketing.

For Practice Manager, Alison, working with Dental Corporation was an efficient way to get the job done. “As a practice, we changed our entire outward presence, while keeping the important parts of the business, like our principal dentists and patient care completely intact. It was a huge undertaking and we’ve certainly benefitted from accessing external expertise in the area” she says.

“In terms of rebranding, that was a process that I hadn’t gone through before and I certainly learned a lot. I worked closely with the marketing team at Dental Corporation to find a look and feel that was right for us” says Alison. “We went back and forwards a few times working out our preferred style, and the marketing team were great. They helped us come up with our new logo and brand identity as well as our name change from Pearman and Saad Dental to Ambience Dental with Pearman and Saad”.

Aside from rebranding, the physical relocation and refurbishment of the practice was also a big task. Having been based in Figtree since the 1970s, the practice has recently made the bold move to Fairy Meadow in Wollongong.

“We all really pulled together to make the move happen” says Alison. “It certainly is exciting to be in a bigger, newer premises and the refurbishment looks great!”

“For the refurbishment we worked directly with Dental Corporation’s recommended agency. They were careful to tie in with our rebranding and they helped us choose the colours and décor for the fit out. They’ve created a great colour scheme using our brand colours (lime green and grey) and they also created a unique colour scheme for each room, which makes the clinic feel upbeat and lively”.

For ongoing marketing support, Alison continues to work closely with Dental Corporation. “They help us with everything from creating our new website to ongoing patient communications. We talk to them about what we want, they draft it up and help us get things ready to send. The process has been very smooth” says Alison.

Having come through the entire relocation, rebrand and refurbishment, Alison says that Ambience Dental with Pearman and Saad has never been better: “Overall, the size of the practice has increased. We have more staff and more dentists catering to our expanding client base. The clinical team includes Orthodontist, Prosthodontist and Periodontist Specialists and we are focused on delivering dental care of the highest standard and are quietly confident that we will now be considered one of the premier dental practices of the Illawarra Region.”

Dr David Norcross – Kelmscott Dental, Western Australia

Over 4,000 kilometres away in Kelmscott Western Australia, Dr David Norcross and his team at Kelmscott Dental have also undergone a substantial rebranding process.

“When we changed practices and I moved from being an Associate Dentist to Practice Principal, we took the opportunity to re-think how we did things, including our marketing” says Dr Norcross. “In the end we decided that Dental Corporation have the experience of other practices behind them. They know what works and what doesn’t. We decided to work with them on our marketing as a way of eliminating the guesswork at our end”.

In terms of marketing Dental Corporation also took a lot of the workload off the team at Kelmscott Dental. “We talked to them about what we wanted and they came back with ideas and it went from there” says Dr Norcross. “We also implemented a reactivation initiative run by Dental Corporation, aimed at reconnecting the practice with former patients. This was very helpful and it saved our front of house staff a lot of time”.

For Dr Norcross, it is Dental Corporation’s ability to help him make informed marketing decisions that makes their services worthwhile. “As an organisation, Dental Corporation has figures on what works and what doesn’t, so for us, we were confident that we wouldn’t be wasting our time on things that don’t work. I could have wasted a lot of time and money otherwise”.