Since 2003, MindWare has been certified by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) based in Chicago, USA and the courses are recognized throughout North America. Our courses conform to the CE course guidelines of the ADA and are also accepted by the NZDA for CPD credits. As MindWare enters their twelfth year
of service, they continue to find new and exciting locations with unique itineraries and new speakers to pique your interest. MindWare provides high-quality, luxury travel at affordable prices and finding new speakers that are the best in their fields. The best compliments are from clients that appreciate that MindWare provides a balance between travel and learning that was enjoyable for the whole family.

For the last 12 years, MindWare has been honing its expertise in developing and seeking out unusual itineraries that provide insight into exotic cultures and enchanting landscapes as well as lecturers with unique expertise and charisma (such as Dr Fred Calavassy, Sydney, AU) to enlighten you and enrich your learning

Ingredients of MindWare success
MindWare works closely with every supplier to provide you with the best: from cruise ships, to land tours to international air, to hotels to local guides and private excursions. Just tell us where you want to go and leave the planning to the operators. Guests only need pack their bags and show up!

  • MindWare survey the trip participants during each trip to find out where they’d like to go next, what speakers & topics they wish to hear. MindWare also ask the same from website visitors.
  • MindWare attends travel trade conferences & webinars on a regular basis to learn of the latest venues, cruise ships, hotels, resorts, etc that are being offered to the travelling public to ensure they can offer same to clients.
  • The best of the major luxury cruise lines are selected to ensure that guests’ trips will be memorable. From offering the exclusive Aquaclass Suites and Blu Restaurant dining options (Celebrity Cruise Lines) to the Canyon Ranch Spa Club (Oceania Cruises), guests enjoy customer service beyond compare.
  • We offer 4-star, 5-star and exclusive luxury boutique hotels for pre- and post-cruise tours as well as during each of the land tours offered (such as on our East African Safari-Oct 2014 & the Galapagos cruise & Machu Picchu tour – Oct 2015).
  • As part of the Ensemble Group of companies, MindWare are privy to vetted tour operators worldwide who are proven experts in their regions and renowned for their high quality of service, providing personalized tours tailored to the highest standards.
  • The caliber of the conference speakers is second to none. Each one has been recognized as an expert in their field and most have lectured internationally.

Lectures are scheduled for at sea days allowing for maximum enjoyment when in port.

Benefits to you:

  • Learn new techniques for your clinic with peers from around the world
  • Deduct a portion of your travel as an office expense
  • Enjoy a worry free vacation hosted by experienced travel planners

Join MindWare for the next conference trip – they will provide you and your family with your next dream vacation!