Stay N Place® Positioning Cushions and Boosters known for their comfort, unique styles, shapes and durability not only position patient’s securely, but also improve the ergonomics for staff making it safer and less tiring when providing care. Stay N Place® products have durable vinyl covers more resistant to friction and stains; the new improved design now includes a tougher and much easier to clean ‘dot patterned” non-slip surface that holds up strongly to wear and abrasion whilst offering superior grip and non-skid action.

Placed on the undersides of the Booster Seat, Rainbow Boards, Head Tilt / Knee Supports / Triangle Pillow, Chair Cushions and Wheelchair Support, the new “Slip Not” pattern allows products to “Stay N Place” making it more secure and cleaned with the same disinfectants used for dental chairs.

The crook / or centre junction of dental chairs can cause problems for some patients; the innovative Rainbow® Triangle Pillow is designed to provide increased comfort and stability by filling the space where the seat meets the back of the dental chair; a great multitasker, can also serve as a knee pillow to promote greater comfort and security.

STAY N PLACE® CHAIR CUSHIONS for infants, children and adults
Crushed foam core displaces as the patient lies down, filling the gaps in the chair to provide both physical and emotional comfort; curved in at the neck, it allows patient’s head to be tilted back and the chest to be lifted whilst leaving you room to manoeuvre. Has a safety belt for infants / young children, non-skid underside and ‘Roll-N-Store’ Straps for easy carrying / compact storage.

Positions patient 12.7 cm higher in the chair for better access, making it more ergonomically correct for you and more comfortable for the patient. Non-slip bottom adds extra security together with a safety belt to secure the

The innovative Head & Neck Rest allows patients to be treated in their own wheelchair or chair avoiding need for transfers. The head area has been narrowed to improve oral access and offers improved ‘tilt’ from specially designed pillows to support the neck / back and facilitate a “chin up” position for improved comfort and accessibility. A safety strap secures the device to the chair for further stability together with the non-slip
surface at the back of the device. This low-tech device is a real multi-tasker and can be used in-office as well as off-site by mobile dental services in aged / long term care facilities or other out of office environments.

Mobile Medical System offers unique solutions to your practice needs
Our growing line of specialty products for special needs and orthodontic practices including the Surround Toothbrushes, Open Wide® Reusable and Disposable Mouth Props, wide variety of Stay N Place® positioners / cushions and the Rainbow® Stabilising System designed to comply with AAPD Guidelines on protective stabilisation for paediatric dental patients *Specialized Care Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market dental products that answer the unique needs of the dentists, hygienists, health care providers, educators, caregivers and parents who provide care for young children and people with special health care needs. MMSI is proud to represent these products throughout Australasia.

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