In May Dental Corporation celebrated a new milestone, reaching a total of 200 practices across Australia and New Zealand. (DC also has a further 60 practices through its Canadian joint venture – Dental Corporation Canada) While Dental Corporation has expanded across the two countries, its 200th location lead by Dr Brad Bell of Roseville Avenue Dental is located in Sydney, where it all began back in 2007. The very first practice led by Dr David Carr in Double Bay, New South Wales, launched the company which soon became the largest dental corporate in the region, now with 178 practices across Australia and 22 in New Zealand.

“This achievement marks a great milestone for us and is another confirmation of the company’s bright future,” said Dr Ray Khouri, co-founder and Executive Director of Dental Corporation. “Dental Corporation is the largest operator in the Australian industry with a market share of over 5% by turnover. We set out to partner with leading general and specialist dentists and have since built a solid foundation of dental services that we can grow and expand. We’re very proud to partner with our 200th practice and look forward to a prosperous future,” Dr Khouri said.

“It’s an exciting ‘claim to fame’ being the 200th practice,” said Dr Brad Bell, Dental Corporation’s most recent partner. “It’s been a relatively smooth transition and I’m glad to be part of the group,” he continued.

On Friday, 16 May 2014, Dr Bell’s practice, Roseville Avenue Dental, became Dental Corporation’s 200th practice.

Although not yet ready to retire, he was attracted by the succession plan model that Dental Corporation has in place, the reputation that it has built over its seven year tenure, as well as the back office support.

“I was tired of doing paperwork on the weekend. I no longer have to spend my evenings doing payroll and BAS statements; I look forward to embracing all of the offerings and strengths of the corporation, such as the marketing team,” Dr Bell said.

Since its launch in 2007, Dental Corporation has always aimed to support and establish high quality dental practices across both countries. The company has a long history of success, taking home several Australian Business Awards and BRW ANZ Private Business Awards over the years.

According to Dental Corporation cofounder and Managing Director, Mr Mark Evans, one of the main reasons for the company’s success is its ability to provide the crucial back-office support while allowing dentists to retain day-to-day control over the clinical and management side of their practices.

Dr David Carr, Dental Corporation’s first dental partner says that seven years on he’s still enjoying the synergy and support that Dental Corporation has contributed to his practicing.

“I’ve enjoyed the fact that I haven’t had to worry about finances and I have always got that back office to liaise with regarding HR matters and protocols. I am passionate about practicing dentistry but it was the nitty gritty of running a small business that was getting me down,” said Dr Carr.

In May 2013, Dental Corporation was itself acquired by Bupa, one of the world’s leading healthcare organisations. Bupa is probably the largest provider of dental services in the world and certainly the biggest multinational provider with dental operations in eight countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Chile and Hong Kong.

As the company has grown in leaps and bounds, it has still retained a ‘small business mentality’ in the way that it approaches each individual practice and its needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach with Dental Corporation. Dr Carr says that he’s enjoyed the networking nature of the group and the collegiate style of  dentistry that Dental Corporation has afforded him.

“We help each other out from city to city across the group. You don’t mind divulging information because they are not going to steal my patients and it’s going to help them,” said Dr Carr.

“One of the amazing parts of the business is that we’ve empowered our people, both at the corporate and practice level, to do what they think is right in dayto-day situations.

“The commitment and dedication in our approach to dental practices sets us apart and ensures a continuation of our history of success,” Mr Evans said.