A smile goes a long way and that’s certainly the case for many children in Cambodia. To help improve the smiles and oral health of Cambodian communities, Your Aid, We Deliver is calling for dentists to help make a difference to the people of Cambodia by lending their skills and expertise, whilst also having an enriching experience and developing their skills.

According to World Bank Statistics, in rural Cambodia 20.5% of people live below the international poverty line of less than $1.90. Where time and energy is spent with a focus on acquiring safe water, food, and providing an income to support families, oral hygiene is not often a priority. In rural Cambodia specifically, access is a challenge, with some families living significant distances from the township and transport not being a financially viable option.

Your Aid, We Deliver is an Australian based charity established in 2005 by the Buddhist Library Camperdown and is dedicated to providing clean water, educational facilities, and dental and medical services to communities in rural Cambodia.

“Since the program started operating, Your Aid, We Deliver has helped 90,207 kids get their teeth fixed in our two dental clinics and mobile clinic, which reaches outlying schools in remote areas,” said Paget Sayers, Founder of Your Aid, We Deliver.

“Our oral health services have a profound and long-term positive impact on communities by improving their health and wellbeing and also providing future opportunities for children… You can’t get a good job without front teeth!”
“Our volunteers gain access to communities that welcome them with open arms, and where there are few tourists, so it is a truly authentic and invaluable experience,” said an honorary Director, Dentist Dr Cecilia So, adding that volunteering is also a terrific opportunity learn new skills.

“We are always looking for dentists to help our dedicated staff in remote communities and outlying schools in rural Cambodia. The volunteer experience with Your Aid is incredibly unique”, she added.

Unlike many other volunteer opportunities, Your Aid, We Deliver doesn’t charge fees for any volunteers to work with the organisation. The organisation is unique in that trustees cover all administration costs, so the projects and Cambodian communities receive one hundred per cent of all donations and funds. Guesthouses plus food are available locally from as little as US $220 per week.

For more information, or to express your interest in this opportunity, visit youraid.org.au